Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cherry Fizz

Or experiments with seltzer water ...

photo of two red cherries
Cherry Delight
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
Cherries are starting to arrive at the grocery store, and at a reasonable price. Seemed like an opportunity to do a wee bit of experimentation as well as having a 4th of July type snack on hand.

water and containers used in creating image of cherries in water
Cherry Set Up
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
Several of the photography magazines and websites that I follow recently featured a variety of fruit floating in liquid and surrounded with lots of fizzing bubbles. The technique seemed easy enough and didn't require much in the way of intricate set up or equipment. A quick trip to the local supermarket and a rummage through cabinets yielded everything I needed. 
cherry with bubbles in champagne flute
Fluted Fizz
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith

image of cherry surrounded by bubbles
Cherry Fizz
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
My experiment involved a couple of different sized and shaped containers along with cheap seltzer water and more expensive sparkling water to find the best results. The clear cylinder provided plenty of space to let the cherry float while bubbles rose and surrounded the fruit, while the champagne flute was more confining. The seltzer produced great bubbles that were active; the sparkling water was better for drinking.

Next time I'll try securing the fruit to keep it submerged in the liquid. Now, what fruit or veggie will play the leading role in my experiments?

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