Thursday, May 8, 2014

365 Project Update

As you may recall, I started a 365 project at the beginning of the year. Technically speaking I'm doing two projects simultaneously -- one on Flickr and one on It's been great fun thus far, and I've met a lot of fellow photographers from around the world, including the U.K., Australia, South Africa, and Russia. This is bringing fresh perspective to my photography.

For this entry I'm sharing a few of my images that have been the most popular and viewed between my two projects. Seems to be a theme here for what my photography friends like: birds of all types.

January - Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Three ibis standing on fence overlooking the river
Ibis Patrol, copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
 A trio of ibis were lined up on the fence where we waiting to catch the boat. It was a cold, misty day, and the lighting was difficult to work with.
sparrow on a drift of snow
Singing a Song in the Snow, copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith






February - Kensington Metropark

It turned out to be a reasonably warm Sunday in late February, and it was a bit on the melty side. This little sparrow was quite tolerant of my foolishness with a camera. It was singing away and waiting for its mate. I love how the snow, while dirty, was sparkling in the sun.

March - The Florida Aquarium

female duck in aquarium exhibit
Fluffing Her Feathers, copyrigh 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
 This little tease was floating along in the Wetlands Exhibit, fluffing her feathers and preening for the males. She was quite adept at ignoring the kids who were trying to touch her, and my attempts at composing a good image.

April - Michigan Welcome Center, Saint Ignace, MI

What's For Lunch?, copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
This bright-eyed seagull was perched on the hood of my vehicle when I stopped for lunch. It was peering in the windshield at me, hoping for a bite of my sandwich. This was shot through the windshield; I was amazed at how clear the image is.

Late April and early May have lent themselves to interesting photographic opportunities. You've already had a glimpse at my newest project. Baseball photos are sure to follow in the near future.

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