Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Preparations

heart shaped candies with messages on white background
Conversation Starters
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
Do you remember decorating shoeboxes in red and white, covered in hearts made from paper? Then handing out Valentine's Day cards to all of your classmates? Our collective mothers would supply us with decorated cupcakes, cookies, and candy shaped like hearts, and an afternoon party would ensue.

To disrupt the winter doldrums and focus on something other than snow, I decided this afternoon would be perfect for playing with the shapes and colors of Valentine's Day. I ran up to the local mall and grabbed a bag of Sander's chocolate hearts, then over to the grocery store for decorated cupcakes. I found my heart-shaped candle holders and tapers tucked in a drawer, and set up a mini photo shoot in the dining room.
Red velvet cupcake decorated with red hearts sitting on top of heart shaped candle holders
Red Hot Hearts
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith
The challenge was trying to keep the lighting even across the photo, not having some of the colors too hot and blowing out the photo while keeping the colors true and bright. In the final analysis, using my 35mm and 50mm lenses and a speed light with cable shutter release yielded the best results. Today my tripod was my best friend, allowing me to manipulate the camera's position and the direction of the flash.

heart shaped candies with messages on black background
Hugs & Kisses
copyright 2014, Stephanie Maatta Smith

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