Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leaf Peeping

maple tree in full autumn colors of gold and orange
Glorious Autumn
copyright 2013, Stephanie Maatta Smith
Traveling north of the 45th parallel, you're closer to the Arctic Circle than the equator. It also provides wonderful color as the seasons change. This weekend I had the opportunity to travel north and spend a little time admiring the colors of the season; we like to call it leaf peeping. There's something about the October sky that makes colors deeper; the oranges and golds glow as if on fire. I was visually assaulted around every bend of the highway. The sky is so clear and clean that filters aren't necessary to reproduce the richness of tints and hues.

orange maple leaf laying on top of white pine needles
Orange Leaf and Golden Needles
copyright 2013, Stephanie Maatta Smith
red maple leaf on walkway
Study in Red and Yellow
copyright 2013, Stephanie Maatta Smith

In the deeply shaded areas of autumn paths, you'll find multi-hued leaves piled on top of each other; each one more striking than the next. White pine needles provide a bed for maple leaves. Birch and poplar drift down slowly covering the walkways. Even the squirrels know it's fall and gather up pinecones to store for winter.

nest of pinecones
Gathering Winter Supplies
copyright 2013, Stephanie Maatta Smith

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  1. Welcome to blog world! Fabulous fall color post, thank you for sharing. I miss fall but not enough to move back for winter as well :-)